Monday, February 21, 2011

Compressed Natural Gas powered car named the "greenest" car for 2011

The Honda Civic GX (CNG-compressed natural gas) leads the list of the greenest car for 2011. This list put out by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. So, how can go greener without natural gas resources, if some see a natural gas powered car as the greenest?
 Find more information about the Honda Civic GX here.
NYC transport department understands the importance of being environmentally friendly.
“The Jackie Gleason Depot converted to 100 percent compressed natural gas (CNG) operations in 1999. The West Farms Depot opened in 2003; today, half its fleet is CNG buses. NYC Transit has 486 CNG buses; MTA Bus Company has 290, and MTA Long Island Bus has 336;  that’s a total of 1, 112 CNG buses operated by MTA agencies as of summer 2009.” NYC MTA website

Maybe it is time for our county to get on board and switch to CNG for transportation operations. If natural gas is available locally, this process would definitely be more efficient. Transport fleet includes snow removal trucks, commuter and school buses. The benefits in dollar value would be immense.

How about this article about a city that partnered with UPS to build a Compressed Natural Gas Station to supply CNG to the UPS fleet. How about partnerships with FEDEX? Or any other company that uses fleet vehicles (grocery stores, Wal-Mart) the list is endless. Oneonta could find themselves in a sustainable commercial venture with a local gas supply!

How about those tourists who come to Cooperstown during the summer? Aren’t they type that would be driving CNG cars? How about targeting them? Where is the nearest non-government CNG station in our region? Albany? Syracuse?  


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