As expected Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings today vetoed a city-wide ban on hydraulic fracturing, a controversial natural gas extraction process.
The ban was a largely symbolic one, given Albany is not a source of natural gas reserves, unlike the Southern Tier.
What was interesting about the veto message was the mayor, a close ally of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, specifically cited the ongoing study by the Department of Environmental Conservation to determine rules and regulations for hydrofracking.

Seems like Jennings has chosen to wait for the experts to weigh in... Does this symbolic veto mean that some common sense prevails and people are finally rising above the ideology that the discussion is only about being for or against.  Not that this discussion should really matter, because I doubt that any gas companies will be drilling at the state capital. Actually maybe it does matter, if the ban had prevailed, the story would have made media  headlines and all the Facebook, tweet and email chatter.