Monday, August 22, 2011

Op-Ed: Boston Globe- Maybe Natural Gas Development "fracking" isn't that bad

In the Boston Globe there is an op-ed that rethinks the natural gas development debate. Lately the "discussion" in Otsego County has moved to the "blame the messenger" mode. Emails are circulating that detail personal flaws of those who show interest in safe natural gas development or those who think that banning is not a viable solution.  The argument has little to do with the science or the surrounding facts, it has to do with who funded which study, or how incompetent an agency is, or that certain folks are "liars" or shills.

Sometimes it is good is just to sit back and reevaluate why you believe what you do.

Re-thinking the fracking debate
Globe Columnist / August 22, 2011
THE PROBLEM with “fracking,’’ the process of capturing natural gas from shale reserves, isn’t simply its unfortunate name. It’s the role it plays in the politically explosive debate over how the United States can best reduce its energy dependence. Fracking provokes concerns about public health and the environment, and has pitted scientists, activists, and the energy industry in a seemingly endless battle over the tradeoffs involved in creating a long-term sustainable energy economy...
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