Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WSKG -Discussion on the SGEIS

The question I asked :

Has any one of the panelists looked at the facts sheet on community character where the DEC talks about deferring some sort of feedback for build out rate to local communities?

The Answer:  No

The document I referred to can be found here:

I think that the NYSDEC here offers communities a chance to have some sort of say on certain issues regarding community character. I was hoping that Dr. Susan Christopherson would have addressed exactly what the sGEIS was implying.

"Community Character
To mitigate potential cumulative impacts to community character, the SGEIS proposes that DEC, in consultation with local governments, may limit simultaneous development of well pads and wells in proximity to each other. This approach would also help mitigate any noise impacts, visual impacts and impacts from increased truck traffic.

DEC will monitor the pace and concentration of development throughout the state and will consider additional measures to mitigate the adverse impacts at the local and regional levels. Where appropriate, and in consultation with local governments, DEC will impose specific construction windows within well construction permits to ensure drilling activity and cumulative impacts are concentrated in one specific area."

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