Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Renewable Energy Information Sessions in Otsego County

Fostering Economic Development - Inaugural Series Takes a Look at Community Sized Energy Projects

Oneonta, New York; February 28, 2011- A new company that is dedicated to facilitating economic development in the region, announced today that they will be hosting information sessions to discuss community sized renewable energy projects and the workforce growth that can result from these projects.

These all-day sessions are aimed at giving local officials and business leaders an overview of the various energy projects that have the potential to be developed in the region. The forums will be presented at the Foothills Performing Arts Center in Oneonta.

Wind Energy                                                   April 17, 2012
Solar & Geothermal                                        June 19, 2012
Biofuels                                                            September 18, 2012
Workforce Development Initiative              November 13, 2012

Local governments are faced with making important decisions regarding their economic development goals. This issue could impact job creation, better life quality and maintaining the rural atmosphere. It is important that officials understand the key issues that could have a bearing on their decision making process. This inaugural series sets out to present the basic information required by officials when presented with community sized renewable energy projects.

Anna Marie Lusins-McLachlan, Director of Business Development of the Hometown Energy Group said, “We have to talk about Renewable Energy, we have to talk about workforce development because that is where we are.” She also added that “It is important that people learn about all forms of energy in planning for the future of the region.”  This is especially true with the Governor of New York State encouraging a balanced energy policy for the state. Ms. Lusins-McLachlan has spoken in public before about landowner rights; she sees the series as opening another option for landowners to utilize their properties for energy development under a multi-land use strategy. Under this strategy landowners will have the ability to continue farming by utilizing anaerobic digestors as an energy source while municipalities will learn about the different energy resource options that would be applicable to their locale.

The Director of HEG’s Environmental Affairs Uni Blake was quick to remind that “All energy development projects come with unique challenges,” she added that “Whatever applicable energy project that a locality chooses; there will be those that staunchly support it and those that oppose it.”  She stressed that these forums will give those charged with making decisions the information that they need to make informed decisions.

As communities in the region move forward in defining their energy needs along with economic development strategies, it is important that local official understand the energy development options that have the potential for being presented to them for permitting and siting regulations. Presentations will by speakers who are experts in their fields.

Registration is will be open to public on first come first serve basis after the invited participants have had a chance to register. There will be a $25 charge to cover the cost of the food and refreshments. Please send your registration request to info@HometownEG.com

Hometown Energy Group is a company dedicated to fostering regional economic growth through community sized energy development projects and the industries that can be developed as a result. The company is located in Otsego County. Its mission is to facilitate the economic growth through workforce training and development initiatives. To learn more about Hometown Energy Group, visit the group’s website, www.hometowneg.com

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