Tuesday, May 17, 2011

County Residents Seek More Information about Natural Gas Drilling Development

County residents will have another opportunity to learn more information about some of the potential impacts associated with natural gas development. An informational session sponsored by the Otsego Proactive Network is scheduled to take place at the Westford Town Hall on May 26 at 7 pm. This information session will specifically address the potential economic implications brought on by gas development. The session will feature presentations by Carolyn Price and Aaron Price.
Carolyn Price- Production Assistant – “Gas Odyssey” As an educator, Carolyn Price has taught at the elementary school level and has worked in central office administration in New York State and Pennsylvania.  She is a college lecturer at the graduate level in educational leadership.
Carolyn is a business specialist in the private sector, using those skills in the family’s corporation, Red Dragon, Inc.  The corporation produced its first feature length documentary, Gas Odyssey in 2010.  She was the production assistant for the movie.
Aaron Price-Producer – “Gas Odyssey” At a young age Aaron Price moved with his family from Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania to Broome County, New York.  After working in the Los Angeles, California area in film and hospitality, he returned to his roots in Broome County.
Aaron was heartsick to see the economic decline in his home areas.  He remembered how his grandfathers had been successful in dairy farming and lumbering in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.  He saw dairy farms disappearing and the lumber business declining.  He remembered the worldwide success of IBM and Endicott Johnson only now to see them gone as he remembered.
When Aaron heard about the Marcellus Shale, he was motivated to find out all he could about it, especially its economic potential for the areas he grew up in.  That, coupled with the misinformation he heard about natural gas development from the Marcellus Shale, drove him to make his first documentary, Gas Odyssey.

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