Saturday, May 28, 2011

Everything in Life has some risks even drilling

It's obvious following the recent failure of the Binghamton-Johnson City Joint Sewage Treatment Plant that the governor must issue a moratorium on all such plants in New York. Additionally, the governor should suspend all sewage treatment plant operations for the next three years while a study can be conducted to determine if such plants are truly the safest way to handle the treatment of our waste.
The state Department of Environmental Conservation or the federal Environmental Protection Agency cannot protect us from failures such as the one on May 16 that released more than a half- million gallons of sewage materials into a local creek, then into the Susquehanna River. The release undoubtedly threatens the drinking water supply of thousands of people.
Sounds silly, doesn't it? Well, the argument I pose above is the exact same argument we have heard from the anti-natural gas drilling folks for the past three years|topnews|text|Viewpoints

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