Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Op-Ed on Ian Urbina's NYTs Articles

Numerous folks have weighed in the “drilling down series” by Ian Urbina, this one analyzes the timing of his articles and the relevance of the article’s content.

Exposing the Demonizers of Shale Gas

By Diana Furchtgott-Roth
WASHINGTON-You're Ian Urbina, a senior New York Times reporter. In February and March you write that hydraulic fracturing, a method of natural gas extraction, is contaminating Pennsylvania drinking water. Your accusations are subsequently disproved by government tests.
What do you write next?
You write a three-part series in the Times saying that shale gas production is "inherently unprofitable" and a giant Ponzi scheme, as well as loosely-regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission.
No matter that many emails you cite quoting industry managers, geologists, government officials, and market analysts are two years old. No matter that two of your supposedly objective sources are environmental activists. No matter that profit-maximizing companies are investing billions of dollars in shale gas.

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