Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Town of Maryland’s Survey to Gauge Citizen’s Sentiment about Natural Gas Development

Most of surveys circulating in our Towns (Maryland and Worcester) have one goal and that is to ban natural gas drilling in the Town. The survey in the town of Maryland offered three options:
__Against drilling
__For Drilling
What it failed to include was to explain what the ramifications of each point checked.
·         If you checked that you were against drilling; someone would take your vote and say to the Town Board that :
o   You are against any kind of natural gas development in Maryland (conventional (low impact) and nonconventional (shale));
o   You are against any type of heavy industry ever coming to the town.
o   You want the Town of Maryland to remain exactly how it is; pristine rolling hills, abandoned buildings, horrible spring thaw heaved roads,  “for sale signs” and all.
o   You do not want any type of industrial driven change.
o   You believe that the town has the luxury to pick and choose what kind of potentially positive economic change they can have. That we must only pick those that have “zero risk.”
o   The town must sit back and wait for another opportunity to come around that the Town might consider saying yes to. Despite the fact that the Town has been waiting a long time for things to change for the better.
·         If you checked that you were for drilling; it would be represented to mean that
o   You support drilling in any shape of form, anywhere and anyhow; unsafe or safe.
o   You are all for ruining the environment and ruining people’s health and water
o   You are in it only for the money and nothing else matters
·         If you check that you were unsure; it would mean that
o   Your opinion whatever it is inconsequential.

Most people read into this and opted not to check any of the boxes and not to send back their surveys. The bottom line, if you have anything to say about Natural Gas development in our town, come down to the Town’s Citizens Advisory Committee and make your opinion known and noted. Wednesday 27th at 6:30 pm at the Maryland Town Hall.

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