Monday, October 3, 2011

Natural Gas Vehicles in the News today

Natural gas powered vehicles are coming. Imagine fueling your car at home from your natural gas line. New technology has made natural gas convenient, local and affordable. 

USATODAY Honda prices new tragically ignored natural-gas Civic.

The most tragically ignored vehicle in the universe is getting a new name and new price.
It's the natural-gas powered version of the all-new 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas. It used to be called the Civic GX, which was, frankly, a bit confusing as names go. The new Civic Natural Gas is being priced at $26,155.
Driving a car powered by natural gas cuts a driver's fuel bill by a third or more. Natural gas burns so cleanly that it's eligible for car-pool lane access in some states that otherwise would be available only to electric vehicles. You can refuel a natural gas in your own garage by tapping into the home's gas line. Plus, there is an well-established network of natural gas stations -- not as many as for gasoline, of course, but far more than, say, electric-car recharging stations.

Tampa Bay Area's First Compressed Natural Gas Station Opens Friday

The Tampa Bay area's first compressed natural gas opens Oct. 7 in Clearwater.
In an era of solar power, hybrid vehicles and electric cars, the city is planning on another alternative fuel to help power its fleet and residents' rides as well.
A compressed natural gas station to help power new garbage trucks and other vehicles in the city's fleet, opens Friday (Oct. 7). The station, near the Clearwater Airpark on Hercules Avenue, will also be open for public use.
It is the third compressed natural gas filling station in the state. There is one in Ft. Lauderdale and another in Milton. Another will also open at Tampa International Airport.
The Honda Civic is currently the only private use vehicle that comes available with a CNG conversion. Lagille owns one, but had to travel to Cocoa Beach to get it. He also has a CNG fuel pump in his garage. Those pumps are small, about the size of a suitcase, and cost around $3,000, he said.
“I have a Civic with CNG and I just drove to Kissimmee and back,” Langille said. “You really don’t notice the difference in everyday driving.””

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