Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Town of Board of Maryland to Hear From l Residents…really?

The discussion on gas development moves to the open mike tonight at the Schenevus Central School. Tonight the spectacle comes to Maryland. People will line up to have their opinions on gas development heard.
The topics de jour will be nothing new; they will focus on the usual:
  •  Our drinking water will be contaminated forever _ we want water quality just like New York City and Syracuse 
  •  There will be no economic progress from developing our resources just a lot of sickness and death
  • The roads will be ruined by the trucks and the industry will not fix them.
  •  Carcinogens, toxic chemicals will abound putting the town folks at risk for certain disease and death for generations
  • Some may mention about the inadequacy of the NYSDEC and their hastily and hurriedly written permit conditions and regulations.
  • Maybe someone will mention how the gas industry is one large Ponzi scheme set up to rip people off and make the industry rich
  • And to top it off, the Duke “All water drinking will get contaminated study.”

There will be usual bemoaning on how much we love the Town of Maryland, its beauty, its pristine waters, rolling hills and we do not want it turned into an industrial wasteland. I feel for the Town Board members who have to sit through the same overplayed talking points, presented with sentiment, emotion, passion and genuine fear.  This tactic of putting pressure on the Town board to make a decision that puts the Town in such a vulnerable position is so counterproductive.

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