Thursday, April 7, 2011

Brad Gill: Article distorted the truth on hydraulic fracturing

By Brad Gill
Published:April 7, 2011, 12:00 AM
In response to Larry Beahan’s opinion piece in the April 2 Buffalo News on hydraulic fracturing, I write to offer only one apology — to the readers who have been misled by him and the disservice he has done to certain individuals.
The Sierra Club was offered participation in the forum and it declined, as Beahan stated (the only statement we agree on).
It is interesting that oil and gas industry representatives have never declined an offer to participate in an educational forum just because it was largely “anti-industry.” Instead, we have always been willing to walk into any “lion’s den,” as Beahan put it. That’s because we welcome the chance to share facts and science-based information, knowing full well that it will stand up to scrutiny, unlike Beahan’s false allegations against our industry. Remember that Daniel, through faith and confidence, walked out of that den unscathed. Facts speak for themselves.
Beahan didn’t share “the rest of the story” when citing the New York Times article regarding Pennsylvania’s rivers being polluted.
Fact: The New York Post subsequently wrote a correct article stating that the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection did a water test of seven key rivers for this express purpose and concluded: “All of the samples, taken in November and December, showed levels at or below the normal naturally occurring background levels of radioactivity.”

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