Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Industry calls for network of natural gas filling stations

Building on President Obama's call to reduce dependence on foreign oil, supporters of Marcellus Shale development are ramping up a campaign to develop a statewide chain of refueling stations to promote natural gas as an alternative motor fuel. Pennsylvania House Republicans on Wednesday will unveil a legislative package of $47.5 million in annual tax incentives, grants, and loans to encourage businesses and municipalities to convert diesel-burning truck and bus fleets to natural gas.
"We keep talking about energy independence, but nobody does anything," said State Rep. Stanley E. Saylor (R., York), sponsor of the legislative package called Marcellus Works.
The Marcellus Shale Coalition, the trade group promoting the state's booming natural gas industry, on Tuesday released a study it called a "road map" to converting vehicles to natural gas by constructing a chain of refueling stations along Pennsylvania's Interstate highways.

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