Thursday, June 23, 2011

Headline from CBC News: Northrup refuses a hydro-fracking moratorium

Natural Resources Minister Bruce Northrup is remaining steadfast in the provincial government's insistence there will not be a ban on hydro-fracking in New Brunswick.
Northrup said in an interview on Wednesday there is no proof to support the concerns raised by many opponents that the shale gas extraction process is harmful to water supplies.
He said there is still time to strengthen the regulatory regime surrounding hydro-fracking in the province.
"You certainly learn a lot about the process, and it's our understanding that over two million frack jobs have taken place all over the world, and there is no real legal case that has been proved in court," Northrup said.
Regulations could be discussed Thursday in Fredericton when more than dozen groups will meet at an invitation-only forum on natural gas development.

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