Friday, June 17, 2011

Obituary: The Death of Science

Dear friends,
I am sorry that you have not heard much from me lately but these have been extremely sad and trying times. It is with great trepidation that I have to announce that my dear friend Science is dying.
I know, I know, I shouldn’t feel bad or sad because Science lived a long and noble life. She has been with me ever since I was little, experimenting with rubber ducks floating in bath tubs to later in life when I poured over water quality data. It was because of her that I was able to differentiate between real data and anecdotal facts. She was always there to remind to look at the data and interpret what the data showed.
During her mentorship, she taught me how to solve many complex problems that helped protect people’s drinking water supplies. I am certain that without Science there would be countless communities who would be drinking water contaminated by industrial waste.
I know science was not selfish. Not only did she take the time out to help me, she also helped countless others. Because of her, a man walked on the moon, and people have been able to beat cancer. She made some bad choices though; who can forget Hiroshima. There is a part of me that feels that her work is not done and that I should continue to fight to keep her alive, but there are those who think that she is of no importance and should be allowed to enter into eternal rest.
She is preceded in death by her parent’s Common Sense and Facts.  When we laid them to rest I was certain that at least Science would have a chance to out live us all. However, the loss of her parents and the loss of the support of the community were too much of a blow for her.  Last I heard, her nemesis, Emotion was taking over her job. I am not sure how Emotion can help in solving complex issues that require tough choices, but I know Emotion is nice to have around but she does not make good decisions.  So, if you believe in Science let her know. She needs all the support she can get during these trying times.
A Believer in Science

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