Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Response from Maryland Concerned About Drilling Committee

It is all about dialogue. People need to talk and work together. In reaching out to start a dialogue with one of the group against natural gas development, I received this response to my email.

Our group never agreed to participate in this. We considered it as a possibility, one of several. Our focus is in a different direction at this time.
Thank you.
What their focus has been:

From the Daily Star 6/11/2011

The final stage of a gas drilling survey for Town of Maryland residents has been sent out in postcard form, according to a media release from the Maryland Concerned About Drilling Committee.
Survey postcards recently were sent to town residents who were unable to be contacted by phone survey or petition.The postcard asks residents if they are for, against or undecided about gas drilling in the town. The committee is compiling the results to gather public opinion on gas drilling in the town of Maryland.
The postcard can be returned by filling out and mailing the return postage-paid portion of the card.

I know of someone very close to me who received a phone call, and when he responded that he was for safe drilling, the caller responded "Can I change your mind?"

I know of similar stories from residents of both the Towns of Westford and Maryland who have been subjected to the same "survey" tactics.

Does this group represent the Town of Maryland's interest?

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