Monday, June 20, 2011

Letter to Maryland Concerned About Drilling Committee,

To "Maryland Residents against Drilling" or to the "Maryland Concerned about Drilling Committee" and any other Group that is ready to voice their “concerns” or share voice their opinion about Natural Gas Development in the Town of Maryland.
As residents, friends, and neighbors we need to discuss this issue rationally. I have reached out to you on several occasions to start a dialogue on the subject and to follow the Town Board’s request to convene a committee to explore the local impacts of natural gas development but I have yet to hear back. Your groups have chosen instead to continue a campaign that is having the dire effect of dividing the community. 
Few problems are ever solved by one individual or a group of individual’s acting alone with single agenda especially if there exists an opposing agenda. We have been taught that problems are solved through dialogue. But by choosing to not enter into any kind of dialogue with anyone else outside you’re a specific agenda; your groups are choosing to continue to create a rift in the community.
If you are really concerned about Maryland, then step up and get the dialogue going. You all know where to find me. I am scheduling a meeting to place during the last week of the month to get the Official natural gas exploratory committee going.
Thank you

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