Sunday, June 26, 2011

Star Gazette: STEG offers drilling resolution, but nothing is resolved

New Yorkers on both sides of Marcellus fracking debate wait
With an eye clearly focused on the job creation and economic boom taking place in Pennsylvania's Northern Tier — and a strong desire to see the same thing take place in New York — Southern Tier Economic Growth's board of directors has come out in favor of the hot-button issue of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing.
Earlier this week, STEG's directors met and unanimously passed a resolution that says Marcellus Shale drilling could add as many as 15,000 jobs to the Southern Tier, $1.7 billion to the state's economy and increase state tax revenues by $200 million by 2015.
The resolution acknowledges hydraulic fracturing's threat to the environment but says it can be accomplished responsibly. The board urges New York to lift the moratorium on the combination of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing by allowing the Department of Environmental Conservation to "immediately begin issuing permits for natural gas drilling in New York State."

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