Thursday, March 24, 2011

Advances in nonconventional gas extraction

Hydraulic Fracturing

Game changing advances in stimulation and production technology are improving well economic
Kelly Gilleland

This is a great article it deals with some of the challenges that the industry faces and some of the solutions they are working on in addressing them.

·         To address the popular fear of fracturing additives contaminating groundwater- companies are disclosing information about the makeup of their frac fluids. Halliburton on the larger suppliers of frac fluids has been providing the public information on their website.

·         Well cementing is another area of concern. Engineers are designing systems that not only achieve good bonds but can also control the possibility of gas migrating out of the well. The wells will also stand up to geological stresses during the wells life.

·         Improving filtration methods to minimize wastewater and formulating safer frac chemicals

·         General the industry operates safer than it did five years ago under the new scrutiny.

·         Halliburton has announced new line of CleamStim frac fluids made entirely of food grade chemicals also announced were CleanStream and CleanWave (for bacteria and wastewater respectively).
·         Schlumberger has modified equipment to reduce exposures which reducing health, Safety environment related accidents

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