Saturday, March 26, 2011

Challenging Facts Presented at Local Forums

Local forums in Northern Otsego County are usually well attended by well-meaning residents looking for information about natural gas development. However, if these forums are your only source of information then you are definitely not getting the whole picture. Some of the groups putting on the forums are vehemently opposed to natural gas development in the region and as a result they present information to suit their agenda; it is only natural that upon leaving these forums people are frightened, angry and confused.  
The article copied below was written by Dr. Scott Cline in response to Lou Allstadt's presentation in December.

Mr. Allstadt errs in his Shale Gas Presentation

By Scott Cline
Described as a former vice-president of Mobil Oil, and offering lectures to the public on complex shale gas development technical issues suggests that Louis Allstadt would be a person with a solid understanding and technical expertise in the subject matter. However, within a few minutes of his December 8, 2010 shale gas presentation in Trumansburg, NY I knew that was not the case. I sat aghast as mounting factual and conceptual errors were presented to a large group of people eager for knowledge. Mr. Allstadt failed to disclose his educational, technical expertise and specific relevant career experience to the group during the introduction and press release and I guess I now understand why.

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