Sunday, March 6, 2011

Internet information is churning out a society of pseudo-professionals

Living here in the rural setting makes it difficult to get a grasp on what goes on outside these foothills. The glimpses of the outside world come to us via the stories on the tv or online sources. However, when you search for information, the computer processes that power the search engines use complex algorithms to pull up the results of your query. They use a complex mixture of carefully placed key words, popularity and other indices that are only known the programmers. In a nutshell the articles are not ranked on fact-ability.  Some articles and blogs are written by people looking to earn a buck; be wary of the sources of your information that do not verify sources.
Another interesting aspect of the internet it has made us perceive ourselves as more knowledgeable. We quote regulations like lawyers; quote science facts like seasoned researchers. However, many of us have no substance behind the quotations.  The truth is; we cannot become practicing doctors or lawyers by reading articles in Newspapers and Journals.  Let those who have the education and training do what they have dedicated their lives to studying, and researching.

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