Thursday, March 3, 2011

What do the NYT articles on Natural gas extraction mean to our Community?

The NYT articles are being touted as the ultimate expose of the EPA and the Big Industry’s missteps. There is really nothing new there- this information has been making its rounds in the news media for a while now. However, what the article does is give the anti-drillers more *ammunition* for their fight against the industry. The industry has taken some of the recent happenings as an opportunity to re-evaluate their “business as usual” stance and are heeding to the changes in the public opinion and going out of their way to be more community friendly.  Chesapeake started a program over a year ago (2009) to develop green frac fluids.
Even the DRBC is listening. They added 30 more days onto their comment period. People are being heard.
However, if people keep pushing the line in sand further back what will be the outcome? At some point there needs to be some sort of cooperation, who will decide when that point will be?

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