Thursday, March 31, 2011

Schneiderman on Gas Drilling

Schneiderman on Gas Drilling

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has said that it will issue its Marcellus Shale hydro-fracking regulations by July 1st.

That's when the state moratorium on fracking is expected to end. State Democratic Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says he'll defend those regulations. Drilling opponents may be disappointed because when Schneiderman was running for office last year, he took a strong stance questioning the safety of hydro-fracking. He said that he would consider court action to stop it if he didn't believe it was safe. Now, he says he's confident the DEC will come up with proper protective regulations for the people and the environment.

Schneiderman says, "When the regulations are issued we will, as is our statutory duty, will defend the regulations. We also have been concerned that some of the landowners may have been taken advantage of by some of the drilling companies and we have weighed in and are currently involved in negotiations to try to resolve some of those disputes."

Schneiderman says he is the attorney for the state and that includes the DEC and he will fulfill his duty.

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