Monday, March 14, 2011

Opponents Spin Marcellus Accidents as if they WILL be the Norm in NY

State government's top scientist on the underground features of New York has never weighed in on the contentious matter of drilling in the great Marcellus shale layers stretching beneath a big part of upstate. Until now.Read more:

NY State scientist Taury Smith is speaking up against the negative spin about Marcellus shale extraction, saying that the press has run stories on exaggerated problems; none of which were tied to the process of hydraulic fracturing.
Even ex-DEC commissioner Alexander Grannis weighed in saying the danger related to hydraulic fracturing are overblown. He believes that the DEC will have a set of solid regulations and will continue to closely the industry.

In other news, as the world watches the story about the nuclear reactor in Japan unfold, one can only speculate about the fate of President Obama's energy strategy and its reliance on the nuclear industry. Where does the US go from here as the gas prices continue to rise?

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