Saturday, March 5, 2011

Penn State to switch to natural gas

This may be old news to many but Penn State is planning on switching to natural gas; dumping coal.

The article sites two reasons for the switch:
1.       The university was burning coal from out of state
2.       The fact the natural gas is available in Pennsylvania
Mr. Steven Maruszewski assistant vice president of the physical plant sited natural gas as a step towards cleaner and more sustainable sources.  The article lists Cornell University, Duke and University of North Carolina as major institutions that are switching to natural gas. Thw switch will cost the University more but it is a part of their long term strategy to convert to renewable and sustainable energy sources.
Otsego County has the natural gas reservoirs that can help  local institutions switch to a cleaner energy.
edited to include:
Turns out a lot more institutions have been switching from coal fired power to natural gas. Including Cornell

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