Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Are Natural Gas Exploration, Development and Production related Jobs a Myth?

If a community sits in wait, then definitely the jobs will not materialize. However,  a community that prepares for an industry can benefit. We have two Colleges in our County that can be a part of the solution.
Interesting article on what Broome County is doing to prepare for natural gas production. They are proactively training a workforce in the event that the industry takes off. This can potentially save the industry the burden of importing workers. There are many families in Otsego County who would benefit from such a program. It is time to seriously think of developing the skilled workforce needed to work on these jobs.
Even a simple search of shows a list of available openings that have the potential to be available in Otsego County.
Are the jobs a myth? Not from this perspective.


  1. yes! a whole new budding industry of endocrine disruptor specialists,
    brain tumor scanners and toxic waste clean up crews is just the job boom NY needs!!! from white collar to blue collar excellent jobs... and don't forget the army of lawyers and multibillion dollar litigation suits coming along w the gas industry as it rolls over ny . i mean , whats a few wells and waterways and farms , and kids and animals that got killed and messed up along the way...ooopsy....
    love your positive outlook on whats been a nightmare for every other community that has dealt w it....
    paid industry shill perhaps?

  2. Endocrine disruptors can be removed by water treatment technologies as per the EPA. Wastewater from well sites is required to be treated in the state of New York according to the old and new regulations. The DEC will NOT issue a permit unless the industry shows their plan for disposal of fluids.